Saturday, October 01, 2011

Long Time NO SEE !!


Hello people, trees, dogs, cats, blog, facebook, msn and all other stuffs, I am back to blogging. I know I've been neglecting this blog for a very long time. My bad, I wasn't motivated to update my blog. Somehow, I woke up this morning thinking, "It has been a long time since I last updated my blog and why is that?" hence, I was feeling bad for neglecting my 5 years old blog. Haha. I didn't notice that my blog has been with me through so many years and yet I am neglecting it. I am so sorry bloggy. I am back to stuff you with more posts :D

I am in my final semester for Diploma, I am on week 7 and I have 8 more study weeks to go and I have a final year project to be done this week. I think I said this before, that I will be building a PC Controlled Car. LOL. Like how my supervisor put it, talk less, show the hardware !! So, here you go, my progress of my project.

I've been playing tetris battle these days on FACEBOOK. It's that one game that really pisses me off sometimes and it really moves my brain. LOL

It has been raining for days in Penang, more rain than sun I see. I love the rain and the strong wind definately but sometimes I would like a sunny day like once a week, for me to dry stuffs like my towels, curtain, bed. But no matter what, I would always prefer to have cooling weather :D

Anyone here likes sitcoms? I've been downloading a new sitcom after TWO AND A HALF MEN. I've been downloading and watching ACCORDING TO JIM. Haha, it's much funnier than TWO AND A HALF MEN. If anyone is interested to have it, tell me, I'll give you a copy of the full season 1 - 8 but I've only season 1 - 6 for now but soon maybe in a week or two I will have the full season. Haha, trust me, you will laugh your ass off if you really watch it. Haha

Those are all my major components. There a still many minor components not in the picture. So far, my project has made me spend about RM480++. Money flying everywhere for this project. I am yet to integrate them all together including all the programming on my computer. Anyone interested to do a project like this in the future? Haha

I am currently, at this moment, typing an essay, after so many years of not typing any essays but reports. I have to type essays as assignments for my Moral subject. So boring to study moral in college. =.=


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