Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Revival Post

Hello people, I hereby declare the revival of my blog. Muahahaha~~~

Ok, I am back :D It's sem break now, and I have been busy for the past few months due to my final year project. So here I am, updating again. I don't want this blog to die after 5 years. Hehe.

The other night, on Saturday midnight or Sunday early morning at 5am, marks the first time in my life staying up for a football match ! o.O Real Madrid vs Barcelona El Clasico. My support was on Barcelona. Haha, not many people support Barcelona though. But, I kinda like Barcelona, mainly because Messi is inside. LoL.

So I was staying up right, and then the match started, I open a packet of mini pack twisties, teared it open, took a piece out, and then I see Real Madrid scoring =.=!! On the 00:21, they scored their first goal and I was like O.O , was that an off-side? Then I watched the replay, Veldas was having fun -.- How could a professional football goalkeeper pass the ball so wrongly? Haha. I felt down. 21 seconds and the first goal was made. Everything was monotonous for me until Sanchez made an equalizer for Barcelona, but Messi was the supporter. That time, my mood came back and I continued watching hoping Real Madrid would not score. Two reasons I see why Real Madrid failed to score was because of Puyol and C.Ronaldo. Haha. Ok, I am no football pro but from what I see, C.Ronaldo missed a lot of chances and at the same time Puyol was doing superbly well at defending. The game turned more interesting for me as Barcelona continued to gain another 2 goals during the second half, one by Real Madrid's own goal and another by Fabregas. I can't comment much but you can see the details from Here
But one thing is that, it was worth staying up for that match, it was a good match. Hehe

The next day, my mum woke me up at 1pm to go get a new TV cause the TV in my mum's room, the main TV in this house actually, spoilt. So, we had to get a new one. We went to a shop named "SIMEE" behind Tesco Ipoh Garden East. End up getting a 40 inch Samsung LED TV. Good enough for the room. I am still trying to pull out its full potential of 1080p playback with the full 100Hz TruMotion. Anyone knows how to do that? Hehe.

Will be leaving for Singapore this Saturday till after Christmas. Finally, a holiday for me. Hehehe. Oh by the way, did I tell you that I've completed by Diploma? I've finally finished my Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering after 2 and a half years. I will be continuing my Degree in January for another 2 more years. then I am done with studies ! Till the time comes for me to continue with my Masters. Oh yea !

Anybody studying E&E wants my Final Year Project? Like I've said before, my project is a 3-Speed PC Controlled Car, a project whereby I can control a toy car using a laptop/computer. From software to hardware everything is done. So, anyone doing diploma or degree, interested to have a look at it or more details about it, email me at andybuddy2639@gmail.com =) I'll try my best to help you with every bit of knowledge that I have.

That's all for now, GTG ~ Oh yea, should I do a vlog while I am in Singapore? Tell me :D

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