Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KFC Online Voucher

So, few hours ago, KFC released their online voucher, whereby you just have to print that voucher out to redeem yourself a free set of Double Zinger Burger Combo. See the picture below.
By then, I was thinking, "Alright, I am gonna print loads of this voucher and eat 'em everyday till the validity ends", and the validity was written till 15th of January. So alright, I will have my first redemption tomorrow.

Then I went for a few rounds of DotA, I went back to Facebook and the first thing I saw was this.
LOL. Apart from the trollers, the voucher has been taken back and the promotion ended, in a few hours. LOL. Shortest promotion ever seen by me. Even McD's promotion lasts for few months. I remember McD had this promotion whereby every month they will release a voucher for a buy 1 free 1 promotion. Haha. How could KFC stand up to this? With a 5 hours promotion. By the time we print and plan to eat it, the promotion would be over.

This is really gonna bring KFC a bad image in Malaysia. They were so daring to start such a big promotion and still state its validity till 15th January which is ONE MONTH but it all ended in few hours. Good Job KFC, you now won yourself a big loser title. LOL

Haha. KFC oh KFC, you made me speechless. Let's see what KFC will be doing next to cover up this matter. How is it possible for KFC to end their promotion in a few hours and say that they are out of stock? Hmmm, if they can be out of stock in a few hours, meaning all the KFC restaurants in Malaysia had like 100 customers during that few hours. Haha. 


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