Sunday, April 29, 2012

Employee Monitoring Software

My brother is very keen in business. After he finished his high school education, my parents sent him into the business school and he graduated with a Masters in Business Administration in 6 years time. He now holds a Masters Degree and is currently working for one of the top 4 companies in our hometown. After working and gaining work experience for 5 years now, he told us that he plan to start his own business. He told us that he wants to be a merchant which does trading and deal with goods between the supplier and the retailer. It makes him the middle man and the distributor and it really brings good return. It could bring him the same or more income than starting his own business at a lesser risk. He knew what to do step by step from the start till the time he builds up is business. He told my parents about his plans and my family supported him totally. He started off by getting a  loan from the bank and based on his credentials, it was easy for him. Everything was easy for him until his company was formed. At the beginning, things were simpler because it was only him and his business partners. After some time, his business grew and his company now has more than a hundred employees at different management levels. However, he did not get any stress about it. I asked him about what he did to mange his staffs. He told me that he used a  Employee Monitoring Software. According to him, the Employee Monitoring Software helped him to monitor his employees no matter what management levels they are at. Even his partners used the same way to make sure the productivity level of their employees do not go down. With the use of this Employee MonitoringSoftware, the employees in his company are monitored based on what they do and a virtual network is also formed in order to have connections between all their employees. One thing that suites the company most is that this software can support up to a hundred plus of people.

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