Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reviving My Bloggie

Hey guys and girls, it had been a long time since I last updated. I remember my last update was about my birthday and I really abandoned my blog for a long time. Cut the crap and I am not speaking about my studies. LOL. Ok, I just finished first semester of my degree program. I am still in INTI College Penang. So, that's it. BYE !!

Ok, not so fast. I went to Sibu psat few days with my mum and sis for my mother's blogger's meet up. All I did there was eating and sleeping. I sleep till late in the morning and eat all the way till late at night. My mum said she ate 6 meals a day, but I ate less because I never take breakfast in Sibu. Haha. I didn't really take any photos when I was in Sibu and the food that I ate because when the food arrives, my mum and her friends will snap till the food turns cold. So, there's no need for me to snap anymore. Haha. But one thing that I snapped a lot are the SAGO WORMS. My friend Gabriel told me that SAGO WORMS in Sibu are fat and juicy and it's really nice to eat after being fried. Of course, I would not consume it alive because that would be very "Bear Grylls" but NO !! Actually, I don't dare to eat it alive. Hahaha!! So here are a few pictures of the SAGO WORMS, alive and dead. :D

Still Alive
Entered the Water Chamber

Washed Up

Forever Alone-ed

Take a look at my Labby. I took this pic while he was in the car on the way home from his hotel. She use to hesitate when going into the car but now, whenever the car door opens, she would run in and sit on the cushion. She knows how to enjoy the ride now, but when we turn or press the brake, she will slip and fall onto the mat. That'y why I told her to wear her seat belt but she never listens. Haih. =(

I went for blood donation today. Not because there are blood donation campaigns around but because my aunty is in hospital and they used up 4 pints of blood for her surgery, we had to replace it by donating to the blood bank. Now I know my blood type. It was my first time, but it was ok, no dizzyness, nothing. Just normal. So, in future if anyone needs blood, call me :D Ladies first alright? :P

I have a set of drums here for sale. It's a Tama Swingstar, not any cheap China brands. Have a look and tell me if you are interested. I am funding for a new camera actually. Haha. I am planning to release it at RM1500 but if you are interested we can discuss about the price. Contact me, email me at (I will reply in less than 10 hours) or MSN or FB me.

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