Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Hello Everybody ! I turned 21 today, it's my 21st birthday today but all I did was to have dinner with my friends. Haha. Because my college started yesterday and my birthday landed on a weekday this year. So, my 21st birthday had been a normal one. Only dinner with 7 of my friends. But I had a pre-birthday celebration few days ago with my family and relatives, we had dinner at a restaurant and had my favourite cake from Nancy Chong. Hehe. My favourite butter cake with icing :D

My favourite cake. Nancy Chong is going to make my wedding cake when I get married some day =D

Although my birthday was simple, but my mum gave me something which marked my 21st birthday and something would will keep me reminded of my 21st birthday. My mum got me a hush puppy soft toy. Haha !! Check my puppy out below!

Isn't he cute? It's a he cause its mine . Hahaha. Oh yea, who says a guy can't have a soft toy for his 21st birthday? LOL I am a grown up guy and I have a Hush Puppy soft toy for me !! :D

My puppy following me home to penang, He is always camera shy and its his first time sitting inside a car =D This puppy will keep me company in Penang and he will follow me to wherever I go. =D
Oh I love my puppy. Hehe, It's my 21st birthday from my mum. It's not a gold key or a car or a house but it's a gift that will last till I pass it on to my son in the future. Haha. Thanks mum !

Happy Birthday to me !!

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reanaclaire said...

I am glad that you love the HP!! hahahaa.. Take care of one another! :)